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AEA Environmental Services
AEA provides Mold Remediation, Air Quality, and Waste Management.

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Real Estate Franchises, Mortgage Brokers and Realtors

Environmental contaminants such as Mold and other pollutants have in many cases hampered or outright stop the closing on some houses. When undetected, the risk of not taking care of these environmental issues have come back to haunt Realtors and sellers down the line. With all the controversy and potential liability going on today, no deal is worth the risk.

Before you represent a seller or a buyer, especially on remodel or older homes, let AEA Environmental Services work with you and the seller by doing Indoor Air Quality test and visual Environmental inspection. Are you aware that in current times and over a long period of time, the undetected presence of Mold in a house has the potential to:
  • Damage the property
  • Create adverse health risks for residents
  • Side tract a closing
  • Set the stage for aftermarket legal liability
AEA Environmental Services has created a new: “CERTIFIED HEALTHY HOME” program. By taking care of and resolving all indoor Environmental problems in a home for sale. The goal of the Certified Healthy Home service is to help you:
  • Differentiate your listing from comparable homes
  • Minimize risk to seller and listing brokerage
  • Reduces sale time on market
  • Maximizes selling price and Commission
  • Provide peace of mind for buyers and new occupants
Call us and ask for more information on this new and unique service!
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